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something to declare about us

We’re a married couple from London who love travel and good food – in fact we even met whilst travelling in the Middle East and stuffing our faces sampling Levantine cuisine.

We have scrimped and saved every last annual leave day to journey beyond our humble isles and see a tiny part of the world from Eastern Europe to South East Asia and the Far East. Not content with the corporate paradigm that necessitates two week holiday itineraries that could never scratch the itch of our wanderlust we have made some major lifestyle changes to allow us to travel more and meaningfully experience different parts of the world…and so in 2015 we rented out our London apartment, packed all our possessions into boxes to put into storage and booked a one way ticket to Jordan where Ali is currently working at an International School and Zaynab is working as a Development Consultant. (You can read about my angsty journey to break free of corporate shackles here).

With 2 month summer holidays and extensive time off for Xmas and Easter we have found a way to combine our love of travel, living abroad and overdosing on delicious food whilst still able to pay our bills (a comfortable stepping stone before packing it all in for a life on the road! #wishfulthinking)
We are all about travelling off the beaten path and experiencing places through our one true love – Food. You will find suggestions and ideas about things like cycling around Cuba, staying in Temples in Japan and eating your way through night markets in China. As unapologetic Londoners we also have a London section for you snazzy city folk, as well as a section on our new home Jordan, in addition to all our travel expeditions in the meantime.

Thank you for stopping by – we hope you enjoy our site and if you have any feedback or questions let us know!